Editor-in-Chief: Janusz Ostrowski IAHN Bulletin is the official E-Newsletter of the International Association for the History of Nephrology
INTRODUCTION It   is   our   enormous   pleasure   to   present   the   members   and   supporters   of   the   IAHN,   as   well   as   all   those   interested in   the   history   of   nephrology   with   this   third   issue   of   the   IAHN   Bulletin.   This   publication   is   delivered   to   your hands   every   six   months   and   in   future   we   hope   to   do   it   even   more   frequently.   Over   the   last   half   a   year,   a number   of   worthwhile   events   have   taken   place   in   the   life   of   our   Association   which   will   possibly   shape   it   for the   months   or   years   to   come.   By   far   the   most   significant   of   them   was   the   11th   IAHN   Congress   held   earlier   in September   in   Larissa,   Greece.   Apart   from   the   customarily   high   scientific   and   social   level,   this   time   the   event was   also   marked   by   professor   Bolesław   Rutkowski   receiving   the   respectable   title   of   an   Honorary   Member   of the   IAHN   and   by   a   cooperation   agreement   being   signed   with   the   ISHM.   Last   but   most   definitely   not   least,   the new   Council   was   elected   and   the   Turkish   city   of   Istanbul   was   chosen   to   host   the   next   2021   congress.   In   order to   facilitate   the   preparation   and   more   frequent   releases   of   the   Bulletin,   engagement   from   a   bigger   number   of our   members   is   welcome,   if   not   prerequisite.   It   is   our   intention   to   make   certain   steps   aimed   at   this   purpose shortly. As   it   is,   I   would   like   to   urge   all   the   colleagues   to   feed   us   with   information   concerning   their   activities   in the   realm   of   the   history   of   nephrology.   Also,   I   wish   to   encourage   you   to   visit   our   Internet   service.   With   this very   special   time   of   Christmas   and   the   New Year      coming   up   we   look   forward   to   our   happy   future   both   private and professional and to prosperous time for our Association. Janusz Ostrowski  
11th    CONGRESS    OF    THE    INTERNATIONAL    ASSOCIATION    FOR    THE    HISTORY    OF    NEPHROLOGY, LARISSA, GREECE The   latest   11th   Congress   of   the   International   Association   for   the   History   of   Nephrology   was   held   in   Larissa,   Greece   in   12-15   September   2019.   The   event was   proudly   endorsed   by   the   Hellenic   Society   of      Nephrology,      the   International   Hippocratic   Foundation   of   Kos,   Society   for   the   Dissemination   of   the Hippocrates   Spirit,   School   of   health   Sciences,   University   of   Thessaly   and   Faculty   of   Medicine,   School   of   Health   Sciences,   University   of   Thessaly.   The congresses’   Organising   Committee   was   efficiently   headed   by   professor   Ioannis   Stefanidis   while   the   Scientific   Board   was   managed   by   prof.   Athanasios Diamandopoulos. Organisation   and   science-wise,   the   Congress   was   perfect   with   the   Mastermind   Group   making   a   specially   big   contribution.   For   detailed   information   on   the scientific programme, including lecturers and other participants, go to the Congress website: www.11iahncongress2019.gr. The   Congress   featured   a   number   of   non-scientific   events,   one   of   which   was   a   specially-organised   session   during   which   professor   Bolesław   Rutkowski received   the   title   of   an   honorary   member   of   the   IAHN.   By   this   the   Council   proudly   recognised   B.   Rutkowski’s   significant   role   in   the   life   of   the Association which   he   has   played   almost   from   the   earliest   days   of   its   existence.   It   must   not   go   unnoticed   that   Larissa,   which   hosted   the   Congress,   also   happens   to   have been   home   to   the   father   of   medicine,   Hippocrates,   who   worked   and   passed   away   in   this   ancient   town.   The   laudation   for   B.   Rutkowski   was   presented   by   the reigning   President   of   the   IAHN,   one   of   Professor’s   many   PhD   students   and   the   author   of   these   words   –   Janusz   Ostrowski. The   speech   attempted   to   highlight some   important   moments   from   B.   Rutkowski’s      private   and   professional   life   with   special   emphasis   being   put   on   Professor’s   remarkable   achievements related   to   his   activity   within   the   IAHN   of   which   he   was   President   in   2010-2012.   The   success   story   includes   the   organisation   of      the   IAHN   Congress   in Gdańsk,   Poland   in   2005   and   coorganisation   of   the   one   in   Toruń,   Poland   five   years   later.   All   the   three   Polish   congresses,   the   third   one   was   held   in   Wieniec Zdrój   in   2017,   proudly   featured   B.   Rutkowski   either   as   the   Head   or   a   member   of   their   Scientific   Committees.   He   was   also   a   co-editor   of   most   post-congress publications   of   works   presented   during   congresses,   mainly   in   American   and   Italian   medical   journals.   Professor's   activity   in   this   field   is   widely   and   very much   appreciated   by   the   entire   international   community   dealing   with   the   history   of   nephrology   recognising   B.   Rutkowski   as   an   indisputable   authority.   Not without   significance   is   the   fact   that   since   2008   he   has   been   the   President   of   the   Historical   Section   of   the   Polish   Society   of   Nephrology   and   since   then   has been   extremely   effective   in   encouraging   and   motivating   numerous   Polish   nephrologists   to   work   at   IAHN,   turning   them   into   one   of   the   most   active   groups   in the Association. During   the   same   session,   a   Congress   Medal   was   presented   to   Professor   Natale   De   Santo,   one   of   the   co-founders   of   the   IAHN,   a   member   of   the   board   ex officio, one of the most recognisable members of our Association. The laudation was given by prof. Athanasios Diamandopoulos.  During   the   Congress   in   Larissa,   a   group   of   representatives   of   the   Board   of   the   Association   and   its   other   members   visited   the   museum   dedicated   to Hippocrates where there is a monument depicting Hippocrates by the famous Greek sculptor Georgios Kalakallas. Group photos below. During   the   congress,   a   Board   meeting   took   place,   during   which   the Association’s   last   term   of   office   was   recapitulated. A   general   meeting   of   members   also took   place   on   the   last   day   of   the   congress.   During   the   meeting,   the   report   of   the   President   and Treasurer   of   the   IAHN   was   approved,   and   new   members   of   the Council   were   elected.   The   positions   vacated   by   those   finishing   their   work   on   the   Board:   Katarina   Derzsiova,   Marek   Muszytowski,   Vincenzo   Savica   and   the vacant   place   of   President   Elect   were   filled   by:   Sylvie   Opatrna   (the   Czech   Republic),   Maria   Kalientzidou   (Greece), Ayse   Balat   (Turkey)   and   Davide Viggiano (Italy).   As   of   January   1,   2020,   the   president   of   the   IAHN   will   be   prof.   Ioannis   Stefanidis   and   prof.   Ayse   Balat   will   take   over   as   President-Elect.   Vincenzo Savica   will   continue   to   be   the   Treasurer.   Thank   you   very   much   to   the   outgoing   Council   for   active   work   and   I   wish   the   new   Members   success   and   further fruitful development. One   of   the   key   moments   during   the   Congress   shaping   the   future   of   the   Association   was   signing   a   cooperation   agreement   between   the   International Association   for   the   History   of   Nephrology   (IAHN)   and   the   International   Society   of   the   History   of   Medicine   (ISHM).   The   agreement   was   signed   by   the   Past President   of   the   ISHM,   prof.   Athanasios   Diamandopoulos   acting   on   behalf   of   the   President   prof.   Carlos   Viesca   and   the   IAHN   President   prof.   Janusz Ostrowski. Both parties expressed high hopes concerning their future collaboration. Visits   to   remarkable   sites   that   Greece   has   to   offer   left   unforgettable   impressions.   These   include   the   Holy   Monastery   of   St.   Stephan   in   Holy   Meteora   or   the Diachronic Museum of Larissa/Archeological and Byzantine Museum of Larissa. Photo documentation below. On   the   closing   day   of   the   Congress   all   the   participants   took   part   in   the   Ceremony   in   honour   of   Hippocrates   organised   by   the   Mayor   of   Larissa   in   the Courtyard of the historical Mill of Larissa “Mylos”. Below you can see selected images taken during the Congress. OBITUARY Charles Raymond Pax George On   October   5,   2019,   Charles   R.   P.   George   passed   away   in   London   at   the   age   of   79,   and   the   world   lost   a   treasured   historian   of   the   philosophy   and   history   of medicine   in   general   and   of   the   kidney   and   its   diseases   in   particular.   Born   in   Sydney,   NSW   Australia,   on   November   29,   1940   Charles   attended   preparatory school   in   Killara,   a   suburb   of   Sydney,   and   secondary   school   at   the   Church   of   England   Grammar   School   (Shore   School)   in   North   Sydney.   He   then   enrolled   at the   University   of   Sydney   Faculty   of   Medicine      graduating   with   an   M.B.,   B.S.   in   1966. After   his   medical   residency,   Charles   specialized   in   nephrology   at   the Concord   Repatriation   General   Hospital   in   Sydney   (1969-1972),   followed   by   a   two-year   post-graduate   training   in   the   Division   of   Nephrology   at   the University   of   Washington   in   Seattle   (1972-1974)   and   a   one-year   training   at   Guy’s   Hospital   in   London   (1974-1975).   Since   then   he   evolved   into   one   of   the leading Australian   nephrologists   who   was   instrumental   in   the   progress   of   nephrology   and   provision   of   renal   replacement   therapy   throughout   the   island.   For his   many   medical   contributions   and   accomplishments,   Charles   was   the   recipient   of   numerous   national   and   international   recognitions   and   awards,   notably that of a foreign Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians on September 10, 2019. As   one   of   the   initial   generations   of   trained   nephrologists,   Charles   did   pioneer   research   in   dialysis   and   its   complications   during   the   course   of   which   he collaborated   with   several   of   the   leading   figures   of   the   nascent   discipline   such   as   Gary   Stricker,   Stewart   Cameron   and   Richard   Glassock.   I   had   the   good fortune   to   work   with   him   in   2010   on   an   article   on   John   Jacob Abel   (1857-1938)   that   provided   me   personal   insight   into   the   discerning,   critical   and   analytical intellect of Charles, and the license to author this obit. As   a   savvy   intellectual   with   wide   ranging   interests,   particularly   in   the   history   and   philosophy   of   medicine   and   science,   Charles   returned   to   the   University   of Sydney   Faculty   of   Arts   in   1990   as   a   student   in   its   Department   of   History   graduating   with   an   honors   B.A.   degree   in   1995.   His   thesis   “A   Scottish Enlightenment Tory: William   Charles Wells   of   South   Carolina,   Edinburgh   and   London   (1757-1885)”   served   as   one   of   his   early   publications   in   the   history   of nephrology   (NDT   1996;11:2513-2517).   He   continued   his   postgraduate   studies   in   history   at   the   University   of   Sydney   graduating   with   a   MSc   degree   in   1997. His   thesis   “The   early   development   of   clinical   dialysis:   the   importance   of   symbolism   in   successful   scientific   endeavors”   would   become   the   subject   of   much of   Charles   subsequent   contributions   to   the   history   of   nephrology,   many   of   which   he   presented   at   the   various   congresses   of   the   International Association   for the   History   of   Nephrology   (IAHN).   He   further   capitalized   on   it   by   convening   a   Satellite   Meeting,   of   the   International   Society   of   Nephrology’s   XIVth International Congress of Nephrology (May 25-29, 1977), on the “History of Dialysis” that was held on May 30, 1977 in Sydney. Charles   began   attending   the   International   Congresses   of   the   IAHN   at   its   second   meeting   in   Padua   in   1998,   where   he   presented   a   seminal   report   on   “The contribution   of   nephrology   to   the   development   of   current   concepts   of   disease”   (Am   J   Nephrol   1999;19:125-132).   Since   then,   he   became   a   regular   attendee,   a loyal   member   and   a   committed   supporter   of   the   IAHN   serving   as   its   fifth   president   from   2003-2005.   In   fact,   it   was   at   the   last   meeting   of   the   Association (September 12-15, 2019) in Larissa, Greece that we all had the opportunity to visit with Charles and his dotting wife and travel companion Elizabeth. Charles   was   a   modest   man,   with   an   endearing   outgoing   personality   that   charmed   and   captivated   everyone   he   encountered.   He   was   a   born   raconteur   who became   a   nephrologist   by   avocation   and   a   historian   by   yearning.        We   will   always   remember   how   he   regaled   us   with   his   wit   and   charm   at   the   meetings   of   the IAHN.      His   eyes   would   sparkle   as   he   recounted   the   scholarly   and   penetrating   tidbits   of   his   broad   historical   knowledge.   His   whole   appearance,   specially   the movement   of   his   shoulders,   would   become   animated   as   he   spoke   projecting   the   infectious   enthusiasm   of   the   inquisitive   scholarly   historian   of   medicine   that he had become. The   stated   motto   on   Charles’   curriculum   vitae   is   “Let   there   be   light”.   He   certainly   illuminated   the   history   of   nephrology   as   well   as   the   mind   of   those   of   us fortunate enough to have known him. He will be missed dearly and remembered fondly in the annals of the IAHN. Garabed Eknoyan NATALE DE SANTO - HONORARY MEMBER OF THE POLISH SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY In   the   previous   issue   of   the   Bulletin   I   informed   that   on   March   15,   2019,   during   the   General Assembly   of   the   members   of   the   Polish   Society   of   Nephrology (PSN),   at   the   request   of   a   group   of   members   of   the   Society's   Historical   Section,   the   Polish   Society   of   Nephrology   granted   the   title   of   an   honorary   member   of the   PSN   to   Professor   Natale   De   Santo,   a   co-founder   of   the   IAHN   and   a   member   of   the   Board   of   our Association.   The   ceremonial   awarding   of   the   diploma took   place   during   the   19th   Seminar   "Progress   in   Nephrology   and   Hypertension",   which   took   place   in   Katowice,   Poland   on   November   21-23,   2019.   During   a special   session   organised   by   the   Polish   Society   of   Nephrology,   the   diploma   was   presented   by   the   current   President   of   the   Society,   prof.   Andrzej   Oko.   The laudation   was   given   by   prof.   Janusz   Ostrowski,   then   the   new   honorary   member   of   the   PSN   Prof.   Natale   De   Santo   and   prof.   Bolesław   Rutkowski   presented their lectures. Janusz Ostrowski NEWS ON IAHN’S MEMBERS AND THEIR HISTORICAL ACTIVITIES In   July   2019,   professor   Vincenzo   Savica ,   Past   President   of   the   IAHN,   published   a   paper   titled   "Cristal   deposition   in   triggers   tubule   dilatation   that accelerates custogenesis in polycystic kidney diseases” in Journal of Clinical Investigation . IAHN      Bulletin    is   pleased   to   announce   that      Hellenic   Nephrology   -   the   quarterly   Journal   of   the   Greek   Society   of   Nephrology   -   has   published      in   the   last issue   (2019;   31   (2):111-158))   the   whole   set   of   abstracts   accepted   at   the   11th   IAHN   Congress   in   Larissa   on   September   12-15,   this   year.   The   abstracts   are listed    in    the    following    order:    plenary    lectures    (6    abstracts),    Oral    Presenttion    (29    bstracts)    and    Posters    (23    abstracts).    The    publication    is    a    great complementary   addendum   to   the   elegant   Book   of      Abstracts   produced   by      Professor   Ioannis   Stefanidis      and   Athanasios   Diamandopoulos   edited   for   the Congress. 47th Congress of the Internationl Society of History of Medicine The   congress   will   take   place   in   Riga   (Latvia)   on August   24-28,   2020   under   the   Presidency   of   Professor   Juris   Salaks,   Director   of   the   Institute   of   History   of Medicine at Riga Stradins University. The email of the congress: ishm2020@gmail.com. Abstracts can be submitted  between Jan 1, 2020 and March 1,2020. On   6-9   June,   2020   the   57   Congress   of   the   ERA-EDTA    will   be   held   in   Milan,   Italy.   Following   the   suit   of   previous   years,   one   of   the   leading   subjects   of   the Congress   will   be   the   “history   of   nephrology”. We   would   like   to   strongly   encourage   you   to   submit   abstracts   for   the   deadline   is   17   January   2020.   Presentation of   historical   papers   can   only   have   a   positive   impact   on   the   cooperation   between   our   Asociations.   For   more   information   go   to   the   ERA-EDTA   website: www.era-edta.org   Prof.   Janusz   Ostrowski    was   invited   to   give   a   lecture   in   the   Institute   of   History   at   the   University   of   Warsaw   as   part   of   the   Mediaeval   and   Modern   Doctoral Seminar. The speech titled “Thomas of Wrocław, a Representative of the Polish Mediaeval Medicine” was given on 9 December 2019.
No. 3, December 2019
Janusz Ostrowski Editor-in-Chief
Professor Bolesław Rutkowski receiving the Diploma of an Honorary Member of the IAHN. First left: prof. Bolesław Rutkowski, prof. Janusz Ostrowski (photo Maria Ostrowska)
Professor Natale De Santo receiving a Congress Medal  First left: prof. Ioannis Stefanidis, prof. Natale De Santo, prof. Athanasios Diamandopoulos (photo Maria Ostrowska)
Agreement being signed. First left: A. Diamandopoulos, J. Ostrowski (photo Maria Ostrowska)  
After signing the Agreement. First left: A. Diamandopoulos, J. Ostrowski (photo Maria Ostrowska)
Prof. Charles George in Milazzo 2015 (photo Janusz Ostrowski)
Prof. Charles George in Wieniec – Zdrój 2017 (photo Janusz Ostrowski)
Professor Janusz Ostrowski presenting the achivements of Prof. Natale De Santo. (photo Maria Ostrowska)
Handing the diploma: First left: Natale De Santo, Andrzej Oko (photo Maria Ostrowska)
First left: Janusz Ostrowski, Bolesław Rutkowski, Natale De Santo, Andrzej Oko, Andrzej Więcek (photo Maria Ostrowska)
First left: Prof. Pawel Żmudzki, Prof. Janusz Ostrowski, Prof. Jerzy Pysiak (photo Maria Ostrowska)